All the Final Year Engineering Students who are appearing for Campus Placements Conducted by the Various Software and Core Companies for Offering Placements to the Students who Completed their B.Tech In Engineering in their Institutes are hereby informed that the Placements Secession for Various Engineering Institutes has been started.

Here is an Brief Analysis on the Campus Placements Procedure, Strategies and Other Information Related to the Placements given by the Experts Team. Students Who are appearing for Placements This year can check the Placement

Campus Placements Guidance for  Experts :

Students who Completed their Three years of their B.Tech Engineering Should Concentrate Target for Two Thing One is to get Good score in Final Year and Another is To get an Offer Letter From Company before Completing the Course.

For Getting a Better Placement Offer Students must have to Overcome the First Target ( Scoring Good Marks with Good Percentage). Because Most of the Multi-National Companies MNC are Preferring Students who had got good Percentage in their Academic Exams. At the same time these Companies are rejecting Students with Low Percentages. So at the time of Preparing for Exams Students must concentrate on Scoring Good Score in the Exams.

Preparation :

For Getting a Better Campus Placement Offer Students must Prepare with a Particular Strategy. Students mustConcentrate on the Companies that are going to visit the Institute and has to gather Information Regarding the Company, Students must prepare Know the Selection Process followed by the Company to Recruit Students. Students Should be well Prepared for Written Exam Conducted by the Company.

Students can get details like the Company Selection Process, Company Past Placements and Model Placements Written exams from Internet. Several Online Mock Tests, Practice Tests are Available Online. Students should Practice these Mock tests so that they can Upgrade their Skills.

Written Test :

Generally Companies that Visit the Campus for Offering Placements Will Conduct the Written Exam for Selecting Students. Companies will Test the Students Stuff in General Studies and Subjects. Basically 60% of Marks will be based on Mathematical Reasoning, Aptitude, English, 20% of Marks on Basics in Computers and Computer Programming  and Remaining 20% of Questions based on Branch of the Subject that the Students are Studying

Group Discussion (GD) :

Group Discussions will be conducted for the Students who were Qualified in Written Tests. In this Round Students must has to Discuss on the General Topic. Recruiter Will see the Presence of Mind, Problem Solving and other skills in the GD. Students Must concentrate on the Current Affairs to crack in Group Discussions. The Best way is Good English Paper.

Students should not wait until another Person Stats the Topic. He/She Should Start the Topic and has to Continue the Topic. Students must Speak in English only.

Technical Round :

After Group Discussion The Recruiters will Conduct Technical Round and Oral Interview on the Branches that a student had studied. The Questions will be Asked from the Subjects selected by the Students. For Ex: Computer Science Engineering CSE Students will be asked Questions from C, C++, Java and other Fundamentals Regarding the Computer Science Subjects.

Several MNC Like TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS, MICROSOFT and CTS Follow the Same Procedure for Placements. In this Round Students can also asked Question on the Project Work so Students must also Concentrate on Project works. More Over If the engineering Students Prepare well in Academic Studies then they can Answer Question in the Technical Round Very easy.

HR Round :

The Last and Final Round in the Placements Process is HR Round In this round The Recruiters will Select Basedon their Performance in the Body Language, way of Conversing with others, Confident Levels and ways of Answering.

If Students follows the above  mentioned strategies he/she can get a Placements Offer form the Company before Completing his Engineering Education.


All the final year Students who are perusing their Engineering at their engineering institutes as the placement season has started for Providing Placements to the students in various core and Software companies. But the As per reports, only 15% of the engineers produced are employable. That means the remaining 85% of the students are getting degrees but they do not have Job. The main reason for this is because if lack of proper training and motivation to get into the job market. Here are some tips to the students who want to get selected in campus placements.

With this background, the students need to understand that unless he gets himself properly trained it is not possible for him to get a proper placement.

Role of Laboratory :

Students must sincerely do the lab experiments designed in their curriculum and be thoroughly knowledgeable in all of them. This gives them confidence and a good understanding of the subject which goes a long way in answering the questions in the placement interviews

Role of Projects :

Every student is supposed to do a project in his final year. If he/she genuinely tries to take up a project in thelatest technologies he/she will get confidence and also there is a very good chance of getting a job based on his/her

Dress code :

One should remember that the first impression is the best impression. Hence it is advisable to come well dressedto the aptitude test itself (or the presentation itself). The dress code for boys is normally a dark coloured pant with ight coloured full hands shirt with tucked in. They are expected to wear shoes and for ladies it is a light coloured dress. However, I have observed that the students who come in tucked in for the first time are more nervous because of the uneasiness they have when as they wear it for the first time. Hence it is advisable to make a habit to always come well dressed to college. In addition to this, the students are advised to have a professional outlook and approach. Punctuality, parking their vehicles in proper place, talking slowly and gently near the interview hall will all add up to their getting selected.

Role of the college :

Colleges have to first appoint a placement officer whose job is to train the students on these lines and make them ready to face the interviews of the companies which come for placements. Another important task of the placement officer is that he/she has to identify the companies, establish contacts with them and invite them for campus placements. In this regard, the old students of the college who are already working in the company may be of use some. It is also a good idea to invite some of the executives as chief guest/guests of honour for the functions organized by the college so that a good rapport can be established. Apart from these, personal contacts make a great difference. A placement brochure may be prepared and sent to all prospective industries which might come for campus recruitment.

Some useful tips :

The following tips will be useful in getting a good placement, if followed, scrupulously

  1. Know more about the company by browsing the net before appearing for the interview.
  2. Practice problems related to the topics of the aptitude test.
  3. Be thorough in at least in one subject of your choice so that you can encourage the interviewer to ask more questions in that subject.
  4. Be well dressed.
  5. Be professional in approach.
  6. Improve your communication skills.
  7. Practice group discussions with your classmates and peers.
  8. Prepare well and be confident. Remember that the others are your classmate and they are no greater than you.
  9. Be positive in attitude while answering the questions.


An eligibility criterion varies from company to company and year to year. By observing the previous eligibility criterions of various companies, we finalized the following are the minimum eligibility for candidates to qualify for campus placements

  • Minimum 60% in Graduation and Masters (It can be less or more depending on the company)
  • Minimum 60% in 10+2 (some companies don’t put any barriers for 10+2)
  • No back logs till the date of the campus recruitment
  • Not more than two years gap in the education
  • No distance education is accepted only full time education is needed
  • Same year pass outs or next year pass outs (Year before pass outs are not qualified for this year, but this can be modified depending on the company)

Placement Process

Placement Process consists of two or more rounds depending on the company. Each round has specific purpose and candidates will be forwarded to next round only if they clears current round. Below are the rounds that companies might keep for candidates. (Remember companies does not keep all round mentioned below they only conduct at most three rounds)

  • Aptitude Round
  • Group Discussion
  • Technical Round
  • Technical Interview
  • Managerial Round
  • HR Interview

Aptitude Round

The purpose of this round is to test the candidate's ability of problem solving. This round contains the multiple choice questions of quantitative, verbal, reasoning. The lists of chapters are given below.

  • Numbers Theory
  • Averages
  • Ratio, Proportion & Variation
  • Percentages
  • Mixtures and Alligation
  • Time and Work
  • Speed, Time, Distance
  • Pipes and Cisterns
  • Clocks and Calendars
  • Profit ans Loss
  • Interests and Discounts
  • Partnership
  • Progressions
  • Logarithm
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Inequalities
  • Functions
  • Basic Geometry
  • Mensuration
  • Co-ordinate Geometry
  • Permutation & Combination
  • Probability

Verbal ability and Reading Comprehension
Verbal ability mainly tests your English grammar and understanding skills of English
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Analogies

Data Interpretation
In this section data is presented before you in the various forms such as tables, Pie charts, graphs.etc.. The DATA can be presented in any of forms below.
  • Tables
  • Graphs
  • Pie Charts
  • Bar Charts
  • Mixed Charts

Data Sufficiency
In Data sufficiency questions you will be presented with a statement that is followed by two other statements, the candidate has to tell whether the given statements are enough to solve the question. Interestingly he doesn't need to solve the question but he/she has to answer whether this question is solvable or not. This type of question tests confirms candidates.
Analytical and Logical Reasoning
In this section, questions will be given to test your ability to solve the logical problems and analytical problems. The logical puzzles are given followed by some typical questions, you need to interpret the logic and answer the questions. The puzzles can be of various types, such as Direction Puzzles, Relations ship puzzles, symbol based problems.

Group Discussion

As a professional in the working world, there will be times when you will be required to participate in group discussions. So companies test your ability to express your thoughts in a group. Go through the tips given in this site for group discussion

Technical Round

This round consists set of technical question on your area of specialization (computers, mechanical..Etc).

Technical Interview

A panel of two or more people will be asking questions related to your field. Questions will be on fundamentals of your subject but not straight, Interviewers will twist question to make you confuse. Lot of people say if you are good in fundamentals then this round is pretty easy to pass through

Managerial Round

Managerial round tests your level of confidence and ability to manage your stress. They will ask about your academics, final year projects, fundamentals and paper submissions.

HR Interview

HR interview tests your interest and enthusiasm to work for their company. Interviwers put normal questions but they expects answer which shows your interest on work. Some of the HR questions are

  1. What are your week points?
  2. What is your reaction when one rectifies your week points?
  3. How do you react when a misunderstanding is happened in a group work?
  4. Give some example of your real life?