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Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College Of Engineering

Grade: A

Fees: 85000 /- (Tuition fees only)


The college is located at Bandstand, near Taj Lands End, Bandra West. It is about 3.3km from Bandra Railway Station. 15 minutes in Rikshaw. Also a bus 211 starting from bandra railway station has the last stop near the college. One of the best location any college can have.


There are two Fests in the college “Crescendo in the odd Semesters and ”“Euphoria” in the Even semesters. Euphoria is a cultural fest and crescendo technical fest. Since the college doesn’t support the students in the fests and all. Very less participation is seen. With inception of good tech clubs lately you find people waiting back working on their All Terrain Vehicles, airplanes, Robots and what not. The college hosts an annual inter-college debate (Nerd Flood during these times) usually ends with fiery but very intellectual debates. There are Drama, Short film making and Art clubs like MAD and thinkers club, annual college magazine called FRAG MAG. All in all there is good stuff waiting for you in there.


Attendance here is very strick. Defaulters are not allowed to attend the labs if the attendance is below 75%. Strict in terms of studies and attendance. Hard to understand they are Nepalis with the usual Nepali accent. This college is meant only for punctual students.

Crowd and surroundings

The crowd is awesome all are sophisticated and helpful .Crowd is not very jovial towards festivals and other extra curricular activities. Being a popular and reputed college in the island city, you're bound to meet students from different backgrounds and localities. Northern, Western suburbs followed by townies and some from the central suburbs and Navi Mumbai are seen here. Location plays a vital role in such a diversified college. Crowd is dominated by students fit to become rocket-scientists at Fr. Agnel College of Engineering. There is a Catholic minority quota from year 2013-14 hence the crowd is bound to be dominated by Catholic students. Life during college is quite restricted, though people manage to enjoy anyway. You will find all types of students here....right from the cool the perfect nerds....but once you get into your group.....your real life at agnel doesnt matter even if there is no campus inside college.....agnel elites have made their own spots in main college building itself and still if you want more freedom or just got thrown out of lecture by some prof or you just can’t bear one more hour of useless theory of portion mumbai university,the sea is waiting for u at bandstand.


The faculties are good although a bit strict, in the beginning you would hate it like hell in first year with all the pressure of submissions and fear of getting term work kt's (yup sadly they show no mercy in giving term work kt's if You screw up with proffessors but once u get settled here.....this is the kind of place where u would like to spend more time than any other place in world.. the teachers overall are good except one or two depending on your section.

Infrastructure and college Life

Campus as such is a 9 floor Prison like facility on a hill although the location is AWESOME you can't ask for anything more than this in "Bandra" at least. Fr. Agnel College of Engineering is overall a good and a renowned college but some avoid it due to lack of freedom. A school, a chapel and the college building are in the same premises of Fr. Agnel College of Engineering. The diploma and degree classes are in the same building. It houses lecture halls, well-equipped laboratories of all departments, computer centres, a capacious library with many books and journals, dedicated internet centre for students, gymnasium, auditorium, canteen and other imperative amenities. Gymkhana is common for all and it is crowded most of the times. The campus is Wifi Enabled and the students are provided with specialized barcoded ID cards to avail the required amenities. Excellent computational facility with 3 MBps internet connectivity. Hostel facilities are available, but only for boys. Canteen is not very appreciable.


Placements are good. As far as placements are concerned its really upon how good "you" are and not the college. A good college could give you only options and yes you have'em here.Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering placement records have always been gratifying with all renowned companies come here. TCS, Infosys, Amdocs, L&T Infotech pick up maximum students with salaries ranging between Rs. 2.5 lacs p.a. to Rs. 4 lacs p.a. In recent years, placements have picked up even more, with some more dream companies like Google, IBM, Hewlett Packard, JP Morgan, Nerolac coming in and offering better packages. Expect the trend to continue.

Seat Allotment

Branch Name Seats
Computer Engineering 60 Seats
Electronics Engineering 60 Seats
Information Technology. 60 seats
Production Engineering 60 Seats

Contact details

Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College Of Engineering
Father Agnel Ashram,
Bandra (West) - 400 050
Phone No : (022) 26423841/42
Fax No : (022) 26516831
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