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Why do students learn online?

Why do students learn online?

85 million were studying in rural areas, and the key findings were positive compared to the previous generation.

This trend is aligned with the fact that our economic growth has little room left for an unskilled workforce. The future of their families literally rests on their shoulders. But that’s basically where things fall apart. The quality of education in rural schools is abominable.

Finding a solution:

New technologies are meant to close gaps, no matter how wide. Their purpose is to offer solutions that are both sustainable and effective in undoing the outworn. We are now closer to discovering the true extent of our democratic privileges, and access to better quality resources is the most crucial of them all.

Like our communication has evolved, so have our learning habits. From an early age, exposure to endless mobile content has made urban students gravitate towards the internet for all answers. In a quest to know more, their absorption and processing patterns have changed accordingly.

Mobile screens are more than just social media portals. With increasing internet connectivity, they are gateways that — if aligned with — might allow for innovation and growth beyond all cultural, social and gender constraints. Someday, they might help solve the learning crisis in India.

It’s a proven fact that online resources enhance productivity among students. With smarter devices and learning apps, they do not really need to scribble in notebooks any longer.

The best alternatives to textbooks are advanced audio-visual resources. Students can take their time to process what they see, hear and assimilate, before responding to questions. This is an amazing phenomenon that levels the plain for both slow and fast learners.